Michael Amato

​What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

  • Safety and Security are very important to me, our community should always be safe and secure.

  • Listening to and understanding my neighbors’ concerns. Making sure we are consistent and fair with all decisions.

  • Trying to establish more community involvement on our current committees.

  • It's important to maintain and improve the upkeep of all of our units.

  • Violations of deed restrictions should be addressed appropriately and consistently.

Nicolas Arocha

​What issues in the Shores are most important to you?
Work with management to maintain proper funding and accountability for expenses. Require sealed bidding for all contracts. Improving existing amenities, identifying opportunities to maximize developer and county contributions to the improvement, operation and maintenance of the Shores Community. Currently, I served as Secretary of the Shores Board also serve on the Riverview Clubhouse and Grounds Committee. I am Chair of the new PUD Committee which is focused on the impact of future development (both within and outside the Shores) with future development Oversight. Gathering, reviewing and cataloging all Shores Master Documents and Plans and identifying areas of improvement and costs savings. Improve existing Park, Trails, Lakes and Open Space. Creation of new amenities, waterfront access for residents, new trails and park opportunities

Leornard DiTomaso

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

Providing the most responsible and frugal operation of the residents' association. Being a fair arbitrator in all concerns of our neighbors. Pursuing more efficient ways of controlling the association's funds and completing the important actions we have begun assuring the most beneficial results for all of St. Augustine Shores.

Thomas Filloramo

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

When I first drove through the Shores looking for a place to live, I was impressed with the sense of Community, as well as the beauty that the Shores offered. When I was walking around different areas of the Shores, so many people stopped to speak with me, and I remember a great sense of community. The beauty of the Shores was also a draw to me. The water views, trails and lakes were wonderful places to go to relax and unwind after a day at work. The most important issue to me is keeping the Shores a wonderful place to live for all who live here and enjoy all of the beautiful gifts that our community offers to each of us.

Steve Raff

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?
I would like to bring my experience as the Director of Public Works to the Board of Directors and to help our Board make better decisions based on what is in the BEST interest of the homeowners.  By using my 44 years of experience in the local government to help the Service Corp manage our assets better in order to prevent the need to raise our monthly fees.

Michael Winkles

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

I come with no set agenda, but I enjoy working with residents, management, and other board members of The Greens in an attempt to create a property and community that we all can enjoy. If I am elected, I will work diligently with the other board members of The Shores to continue their success at keeping costs down while enhancing property values for sellers and buyers alike.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to utilize my experience and team-building background to The Shores Service Corporation Board of Directors. I respectfully ask for your vote.

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