Ronald W. Carey

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

The Shores in general do their diligence in making our community a better place. One issue that stands out is the safety of our pedestrians at night. I find many neighbors enjoy stepping out at night when its cooler to walk their dogs, etc. At times if you are driving, it can be difficult to see people walking until you're a bit too close. If it's lighting, or better street marking, this issue of safety is one that comes to mind.

Austin Dietly

​What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

​Living in an established community that gives one the feeling that one belongs.  It’s important to have neighbors sharing common interests and goals. My husband and I have been living in the Shores for eight years.  I am passionate about building a better community for the future generations in the Shores.

Leornard DiTomaso

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

My goal is to reach out to our community and get the residents more involved in the future of The Shores. We need Board members who are willing to be active and not just "figure-heads."  I would like to represent you and all our neighbors governing the Shores responsibly and equitably.  I have the time and knowledge to devote to the needs of our community and would sincerely appreciate your vote.

Robert Stanton

What issues in the Shores are most important to you?

I believe that it is important to use the homeowners' dues wisely and to the benefit of all, the homeowners and residents of St. Augustine Shores. It is vital that the Service Corporation maintains the areas, medians, grounds and buildings for which it is responsible to the highest standard while keeping increases of the homeowner dues to an absolute minimum.  I will work towards improving communication between the Service Corporation and the homeowners, residents and regular visitors to the St. Augustine Shores.

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