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Streets, swales, parks and other open spaces, including all grass

plots and other planted areas within the line of rights-of-way,

which areas exist for the general use of all the lot owners in St.
Augustine Shores Subdivision:

•    FPL: street and common areas lighting
•    FPL: Fountains

•    Flags and flagpole maintenance​
•    Utilities for common areas: water, telephone & propane 
•    Mowing of swales & common areas
•    Landscape and maintenance of center islands
•    Christmas lights at entrances
•    Rebuilding and maintenance of fishing pier
•    Maintenance of walking and bicycle paths
•    Maintenance of playground
•    Maintenance of swimming pool and bath houses
•    Maintenance of compound storage lot
•    Maintenance of tennis/pickle ball courts
•    Compound, pier and pool security/keycards
•    Irrigation supplies
•    Lake management, including fountain maintenance
•    Trimming and tree removal from green belt/common areas
•    Pest control
•    Trash disposal & recycling
•    Wildlife control/trapping services
•    Fertilizer
•    Mulch and pine straw
•    Insurance
•    Shores vehicle maintenance & fuel
•    Reserve account
•    Website
•    Shores Observer monthly report & advertising
•    Office staff
•    Office supplies
•    Postage
•    Tax expenses
•    CPA expenses
•    Legal expenses
•    Annual Meeting: printing package, ballots and postage.
•    Annual Coupon book: printing and postage

Past Improvements

The cost of the pier repair/replacement is $248,750.  The pier is available to all HOA members.  Enjoy fishing, watching sunrise and sunsets, bird-watching, and spot dolphins and manatees.

Storm Water Drainage Repair
Storm water drainage pipe $76,770.  Recent damage to part of the system has caused the ground to collapse between the homes of our Shores neighbors, creating a dangerous situation and demanded immediate action.  Unfortunately, parts of the storm water drainage system are the property of the Shores and not St. Johns’ County. 

Tennis Court
Tennis court resurfacing and nets $13,650.  Tennis/Pickle ball courts, (adjacent to the baseball field) are available to Shores residents.

Basketball Court at Aragon Park
Striping and new hoop $9,140.  The old shuffle board courts have been re-purposed into a basketball court.   Unfortunately, the new hoop needs repair.

Riverview Club’s Restrooms
The counter tops of both restrooms at the Riverview Club $4,231, have been updated.



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