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St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation
Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations
Effective: 8/10/23
Last Updated: 10/26/23

 Homeowner HOA account must be current and in good standing 

 All visitors (members and guests) must sign in with the pool attendant upon entry.

 Updated Guest Policy:
    *Single Membership is (1) person total. Additional guests must pay the daily rate.
    *Family Membership is (5) people total. Additional guests must pay the daily rate.

 No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk
 Children under 14 years of age require an adult for supervision

 No diving, running, pushing, or horseplay
 No swimming under the influence
 No spitting
 Any behavior or act that poses a health, safety, or risk to other patrons, employees, or
community is prohibited
 Respectful behavior is required at all times. The pool attendant has the right to ask
members and guests to leave for the day if this rule is not followed.
 No swimming alone (if a pool attendant is not present)
 No glass containers inside the fenced pool area
 No alcoholic beverages inside the fenced pool area
 No food inside the fenced pool area
 No smoking or vaping inside the fenced pool area

 No electrical devices in the pool area (anything that requires plugging in)
 No swimming during inclement weather
 Members and Guests must towel dry off before entering the restrooms/bathhouse
 Diapers and sanitary pads are not permitted in the pool; Swim diapers are permitted
 No pets inside the fenced pool area or swimming pool
 No music is permitted in the fenced pool area- please use earbuds
 Proper bathing attire is required (no cutoff jeans or thong bathing suits permitted- full
coverage is required)
 No hanging or sitting on the lane rope in the pool
 SASSC is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property left at the pool
 Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension of pool membership and privileges

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