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President’s Letter

By: Mary Jenson, HOA Board President

Sargent Joe Friday from the show, Dragnet, was famous for insisting, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” If you are interested in learning the facts about what is going on within our community, then attending the HOA Meetings and/or subscribing to our monthly newsletter are the best ways to get those facts.  

Here’s some of the facts that we discussed at our February Meeting:  

  • We met with our District 3 County Commissioner, Roy Alaimo, and other county officials for a tour of the Riverview Club.  They were thrilled to see all that has been accomplished.  We also shared with them the challenges that we face on issues such as drainage, mudding in our swales and vandalism.  

  • The litigation regarding the pool pavers that was started ten years ago has finally been settled.  The original ask for this lawsuit was $15,000, and the Board and Management were able to successfully negotiate a $65,000 settlement!

  • Now that the office is better equipped to service our members, The General Manager will begin overseeing priority projects such as the Recreational Vehicle Compound, the Ball Field/Tennis courts, the Audio/Visual systems, etc. for disposition with support and guidance from the Board and committee members. Here’s an inconvenient fact: Our existing microphone died midway through the meeting so a new audio system is imperative.

  • We’ve recently been hearing a lot of complaints about incessant dog barking, off-leash dogs and owners not picking up after their pooches.  The bottom line is that if many neighbors are complaining about something, it’s probably a legitimate nuisance.  

  • New fire alarm, security alarm and phone systems have been installed in the Riverview Building to protect our community facility and to improve services to our residents.  The old table at the tennis courts has been removed and new benches have been installed.  In lieu of a new shed for storage needs, the Board and Management decided on a more cost-efficient solution to remove old shelving and repair the walls in the existing closets in the main Ballroom, and repurpose them for our future storage needs.  

  • The KB Homes road widening project is set to start within the next 60 days. Additionally, KB will begin burning the piles of trees in the second phase area in the next few weeks. New precautions have been put in place to hopefully minimize the smoke.  

  • Our committees are doing a great job, but we could always use more volunteers.  We especially need help on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), as applications for new pools and fences are pouring in from the Sabal Estates development.  Please contact the office if you can help out on this very important committee.  

  • Here’s a super exciting fact…our Assistant Manager, Christine Hart, just completed her Community Association Manager (CAM) license. Congrats, Christine!

  • We realize that a handful of people in our community don’t seem to value facts and enjoy spreading misinformation on social media. We are more than happy to read their posts out loud at our monthly meetings, and we did.  

We are making great progress!  For our Shores community information, let’s stick with “Just the facts, Ma’am" and let the keyboard warriors find something else to entertain their imaginations. We look forward to seeing you at our next monthly HOA meeting on March 14th at 6pm at the Riverview Club.


Mary Jenson

Mary Jenson

Mary Jenson, HOA Board President 

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