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St Augustine Shores Residents, 


The election is over. We have four new Board Members and a new slate of officers and directors! We want to thank everyone for their participation and support. 

The four new members of the Board, Tina Casto, Mary Jenson, Kathy Schroeder and I walked our neighborhoods, met with you over coffee, and chatted with you on NextDoor and by email. We were thrilled to find how open and honest you were with your ideas and concerns. We heard you! On behalf of all of us, I thank you. Even if you didn’t vote for us, we thank you for exercising your most valued community right to VOTE. Now I am asking everyone to come together for “A Better Shores.” 

Our first working board meeting took place on May 22nd @ 6pm in the Riverview Clubhouse and all Shores homeowners were welcomed to attend. We addressed and prioritized a long list of issues. A full report will be shared at the next HOA Board meeting set for June 8th at 6pm at the Riverview Clubhouse.  Also, Roy Alaimo, our District 3 County Commissioner, will be available to answer your questions.  Additionally, our newly elected directors will be sworn in at the Installation  ceremony.

The first item we want to tackle is Communication! We will be exploring any and all avenues available for opening up our ability to have a two-way conversation with our residents. Please send your suggestions! The first thing we are doing is setting up our emails on the Website, and we encourage you to email us there while we continue to seek out other avenues of communication. 

The second item is the Committees. Volunteers for the Committees are crucial to a thriving and productive community like ours. We NEED you! A complete list of the current committees is posted on the web site. Please look and find one you would like to plug into. We will also have an open workshop to sign up for the committees prior to, during, and after the June 8th meeting.  We’ll be serving refreshments too! We’re thinking of adding two new Committees - find out what they are - put it on your calendar for June 8th at 6 PM.

We want to thank the outgoing Directors for their service - Thomas Filloramo, Steve Raff, Mike Winkles, Michael Amato and we look forward to working with our returning directors - Austin Dietly, Carol McCutcheon and Robert Stanton. The Board is here to listen to your concerns and find creative ways of generating positive outcomes for everyone. Please attend our Board Meetings and get involved any way you can.


Sue Chitwood, President SASSC 

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