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St. Augustine Shores Family-

Yet another year has passed. I hope this letter finds your household well. These last two years
seem to have gone quickly, yet time has paused for a global pandemic. During times that it would have
been easy to divide, I feel as though our community came together. We learned new ways of
communicating, adapted and overcame our physical distances. Only recently has the board returned to
in person meetings. I want to thank the members of the board and all of the committees who learned a
new way to process things, and always had a positive attitude while doing so.
This is the time of year when I would love to give updates on what we have accomplished over
the last year. It is no secret that COVID reduced our income, so while our accomplishments seem
small, they are improvements from where we were last year. During the last year the board has
selected new legal counsel, upgraded the security system at the pool/pier and storage site, replaced
the doors in the Riverview Club, updated the landscaping at the entrances of the Shores and
maintained or updated the ponds throughout the community. We are also in the process of installing
one of our new amenities, the first that has been approved since I have moved into the shores in 2012.
I am hopeful that this time next year my letter will include more improvements as we begin
renting out spaces again and getting into the groove of a new normal, post-COVID. As I run for election
again I want to thank you as a member of the community, whether you voted for me or not, for allowing
me to serve you. I do my best to ensure that I am guiding the board and we are working in the best
interest of the community as a whole.


Austin Dietly

March 23th, 2022. 


May 2017 President's Letter

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