It is that time of year again to look forward to the future of our community and make decisions that best fit our association. 

The documents that you receive in this packet are very important, and I urge you to become educated on the contents and vote. Voting is an easy way for you to make a difference in the community that you live in. Each year we struggle with ballots being returned. The ballots are your voice in the community, and the board wants to hear from you! The board acts on the behalf of the community, so be sure when you are voting you are picking candidates that you feel will advocate on your behalf. 

Over the last few years our community has been hit with two hurricanes that have caused us to spend more than anticipated from our budget. We spent almost $90,000 on tree removal services and we spent $250,000 plus on repairing the dock. We have also needed to repair two large drainage pipes over the last two years that cost almost $100,000.   We live in a community that is well established, but also aging. We will have more expenses like this to maintain in the coming years.  

Last year at our annual meeting the board attempted to look forward to the future of the community needs by amending the Deed Restrictions (percentage of votes required, fence & safe harbor regulations). While this was something that the community understood, it failed to pass due to lack of community involvement.

I encourage all members of our community to become involved.  We have our monthly board meetings at 7pm the second Thursday of every month. There are lots of committees that need volunteers to help us run smooth.  We have community events such as the yard sale, activities club, and other ways to be a part of this community. I urge you all to be educated and involved. This board will continue to serve you and advocate on your behalf. This is a community that we all enjoy living in, let’s help it grow together.

Austin Dietly, President

St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation


Dated this 1st day of March 2019

May 2017 President's Letter

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