Dear Neighbors,

My name is Austin Dietly, and this past year I have served as your HOA President. I have loved seeing the community we live in continue to thrive, unite, heal after hurricanes, and become more vibrant than before. I have lived here for the past 8 years with my husband. During that time, we sold our first home, purchased a new home, adopted 2 dogs, and welcomed a human child into the world. All of which we loved doing here in the Saint Augustine Shores.

I took an opportunity to get involved after a director resigned from the board after a short notice. I saw a shortage of voices in our community that were bold enough to step forward and take part in our board of directors. I wanted to be a part of change in the community. This is something that I urge you to do. As a member of this incredible community I urge you to step forward. Take a part in the community that you live in. It can be as small as remembering to vote, reminding your neighbor to vote, attending a board meeting, serving on a committee, or even as large as running to serve on the board. 

During the course of the last year we have made many decisions for the Shores community with little input from the actual community. These are things that we as the board are spending money from the dues that you pay monthly on. Just this year we spent $18,500 on painting the Riverview Club buildings, $4,800 on pressure washing the roof, $5,100 to upgrade the computer systems for our office staff, $27,200 on landscaping improvements, and various other projects around the community. These are just a few examples of the things that our HOA dues pay. This upcoming year we have quite a few items that will need our attention. 

We as the board take pride in our community, and each and every one of us (as well as those who are currently running this election) love living and serving in this community. I hope that you will take an initiative and take part in this beautiful community. Please reach out to me, any board member, Joe, or any of the office staff if you have any input you would like to give to us. I look forward to another wonderful year living and serving here in our community. 

Thank you,


Austin Dietly, President

St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation


Dated March 23, 2020.

May 2017 President's Letter

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