My Shores Family:

Yet another year has passed, and this year seemed to pass a little slower than the last few. I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding with myself, the office staff, and the entire board of directors during this last year. Our number one goal is to keep our community safe, and we are doing our best to do so during this pandemic. We miss seeing everyone, and we miss being able to gather as a community. We will be able to do so soon, but until then we promise to do our best to keep you safe.

If you had told me one year ago that this pandemic would still be going on, and that we would still have the Riverview Club and our office closed I probably would not have believed you. I thought we would have a few meetings with Zoom, and we would be able to meet in person again. I understand that Zoom meetings are not ideal, but we are working with the best that we can right now (as are most other small businesses across the country). Normally this time of year I love to share the progress that our board has made in the last year for our community. This year there is not much to report for progress since we have minimal income due to COVID-19.

Even our election process looks slightly different this year. There is no ballot for the 2021 elections. We only had two candidates nominated, and we have four vacancies. Therefore, there is no election required. The upside to this is that we will save at least $5,000 from printing the ballots, assembly of the package and postage fees. We do, however, need to stress the importance of returning the green proxy so we have a quorum at the annual meeting. If we do not have a quorum at the annual meeting, we would be faced with scheduling another meeting, and we would lose our savings. Be sure to share with your neighbors and friends that we need our green proxy forms returned so we can establish a quorum.

Part of what we learned during this pandemic is not to take our loved ones for granted. I am thankful that I live in a supportive and loving community. I am thankful for the health of my loved ones, and I am thankful for every moment that I am able to spend with them. I am also thankful for Zoom meetings, Facetime and social media that has allowed me to stay close to my community and family during a time I am unable to see them in person.

I am looking forward to another year, and I am hoping that next year our president’s letter speaks of
better times when we are back open!

Thank you for allowing me to serve this community.

Austin Dietly

March 15th, 2021. 


May 2017 President's Letter

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